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We encourage interns to fill available spaces for training in our theatre company. We are also interested in and facilitate international arts and cultural exchange programmes between our company and other Performing Arts organizations all around the world as well as participation in Arts Festivals worldwide.

Renegade Theatre is affiliated with the Theatre of Light Foundation (TOL), a non-governmental foundation set up for the propagation of cutting edge and developmental theatrical presentations to all strata  of society.

For enquiries and further information, please call 234-(0)808 123 9477, 234-(0)806 818 1846 or e-mail info@nigerian-culture.com or laspapi@yahoo.com

What's New.

On the 14th and 21st of December 2012, Renegade Theatre will be presenting Wole Oguntokun’s play, ‘Oshodi Tapa’, on the life and times of the 19th Century Warlord, Statesman and Diplomat will be on stage at the Muson Centre, Lagos. It is supported by the Lagos State Government.

Current projects include the filming of ‘The Tarzan Monologues’ in preparation for its cinematic release early in 2013 and the remake of Wole Oguntokun’s stage-satire of the military in governance, ‘Who’s Afraid of Wole Soyinka?’ as a combination of live theatre and computer animation.