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About Us

Renegade Theatre; initiated the Theatre@Terra, a project for the promotion of Theatre and Culture in July of 2007, in collaboration with the Arts Centre known as Terra Kulture.

In it, we consistently produced highly-acclaimed theatre works weekly at the Centre without interruption for three and a half years, a feat not achieved in Nigeria since the days of JP Clark’s Repertory Theatre in the early 1980s. 

Over the years, Renegade Theatre has also produced sixty-five productions at the highly prestigious arts venue, the Muson Centre in Lagos under the direction of Wole Oguntokun.

We produced the maiden edition of the culturally relevant set of Monologues known as “V Monologues  “The Nigerian Story”, loosely based on Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues.

Thereafter, we commissioned and produced ”The Tarzan monologues”, a dramatic male version of the Vagina Monologues which has been performed many times by itself and then in a dramatic “face-off” with the “V Monologues”, with male and female actors going head-to-head on controversial but always relevant issues. “The V Monologues v. The Tarzan Monologues” was also produced at the National Theatre – Ghana in October 2010.

The company created the annual “Season of Wole Soyinka Plays” now in its sixth annual showing, “The Legend Series” where ever-green plays by Nigerian legends are performed regularly and its Artistic Director, Wole Oguntokun, was official consultant to the British Council-Lagos/National Theatre- London, in the latter’s production of Wole Soyinka’s “Death and The King’s Horseman” on stage at the National Theatre London from April to June 2009.

We produced Ola Rotimi’s “The gods are not to blame” for the Muson Festival of 2006.
We have presented plays in the last three Lagos State Government-sponsored Black Heritage Festivals: Aimé Cesaire’s “A Season in the Congo” in April 2010, “The Waiting Room” written by Wole Oguntokun in April 2011 and Marco Martinelli’s “Moor Harlequins 22 Misfortunes” in 2012 .  All three productions were directed by Wole Oguntokun.

We have also collaborated with many international, Pan African and national organisations. These include: the National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA), Path Finder International, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy (K.I.N.D.), the Society for Family Health (SF.H), the National Democratic Institute and the British Council.

What's New.

On the 14th and 21st of December 2012, Renegade Theatre will be presenting Wole Oguntokun’s play, ‘Oshodi Tapa’, on the life and times of the 19th Century Warlord, Statesman and Diplomat will be on stage at the Muson Centre, Lagos. It is supported by the Lagos State Government.

Current projects include the filming of ‘The Tarzan Monologues’ in preparation for its cinematic release early in 2013 and the remake of Wole Oguntokun’s stage-satire of the military in governance, ‘Who’s Afraid of Wole Soyinka?’ as a combination of live theatre and computer animation.